Incredible Choral system with new Blu sounds as good as it looks!The Choral Series offers ultra high-end audio performance in a sleek, gorgeous, jewel-like chassis. Pictured at right from the top down the components are: Blu cd transport, DAC, Symphonic phono stage, Prima pre-amplifier, and, on the bottom is the Mezzo 50 power amplifier.

The Choral Mezzo 50 amplifier features Chord's trademark Ultra High Frequency power supplies which operate at over 1.2Mhz. This little amplifier has large reserves of instantly deliverable, precisely controlled power which makes it capable of driving even very demanding loudspeakers.

If more power is desired a larger Mezzo delivers 120 watts, and both amps can be bridged to mono-blocks at twice the power.

The Choral Prima pre-amplifier, with a fully balanced audio circuit, delivers stunning control and the ultimate high-end audio performance you expect from Chord Electronics.

The new Codex Streamer, (not pictured), offers the same class-leading performance of Chord's flagship DSX 1000 Streamer but in a Choral size component that fits perfectly into the Choral rack.

The Choral Symphonic MC phono stage makes it easy to get the very best out of any turntable. It offers an almost infinite number of externally selectable input impedance and gain options, balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a unique rumble filter that can detect between music and low level noise. Remarkable! 

Choral racks are available in sizes designed to accommodate between two and six components.

Never mind how good it looks - this system delivers the musical goods in spades!


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