Chordette The Chordette series from Chord Electronics offers you a completely flexible, modular system. You can select just the components you need so you can enjoy your music your way.

The system begins with either the Scamp or Maxx all-in-one DAC and amplifier. Next, add either the Index for streaming audio and/or the Qute DAC for ultra-high-resolution performance. Finally, add a second Scamp amplifier for a state-of-the-art high power system capable of driving big speakers to real-life sound levels.

Though the size of each component is small nothing has been compromised. The audio response is still state of the art with exceptional performance and low noise levels. Encased in Chord's trademark solid aluminum billet metalwork chassis, the Chordette looks as terrific as it sounds and shows off its industry leading engineering both inside and out.

A variety of flexible, modular stands are available so you can display this stunning system at it's best.

Chordette's greatest strengths involve the natural warmth of its overall tonal balance, the richness and saturation of its tonal colors, the striking size and three-dimensionality of its soundstages, and its smoothness.

Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound, October 2009.

To Chord's credit it produced possibly the best Bluetooth audio device available anywhere. 

Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile, April 2011cludes Chord's standard remote.


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