The new D-501 cable is a worthwhile investment for owners of older SME arms, (and others), who want an easy and affordable way to upgrade their turntable.

Van den Hul D-501 SME Style Phono CableThe D-501 cables are designed to be used between tone arms with a 5 pin DIN connector on the base, MM / MC phono stages, step-up transformers or phono head amplifiers.

Two versions are offered; the standard D-501 Hybrid and a premium version D-501 Silver Hybrid. The D-501 Hybrid is an improved version of the same cable that has been supplied with SME tone arms since 1987. The D-501 Silver Hybrid is a premium version of the same cable, but the silver coated OFC core conductors have been replaced with pure silver conductors. The pure silver cable delivers an even bigger improvement over the original cable supplied with the arms. These cables are extremely well shielded, which is very important with low level phono signals, and sonically these are among the best cables VDH makes.

The D-501s have a separate 18 gauge ground wire made from VDH CS-18 with a spade for the ground connection. The cables are light and flexible, which is useful with suspended turntable designs, so there is usually no need to re-balance the suspension. Cable diameter is 4.5mm. As with all VDH cables, the very flexible black outer jacket is made of migration-free Hulliflex to prevent any chemical deterioration over time.

A highly recommended upgrade for any top notch analog system.


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