Estelon X Diamond The X Diamond shares identical physical dimensions to the XA but it is a completely different speaker in all other respects.

Advancements in the X Diamond include: a state-of-the-art diamond tweeter, a redesigned and upgraded crossover and substantial enhancements to the cabinet.

The special 30mm high frequency tweeter has an ultra-hard diamond dome. Because the dome breakup frequency is around 45 kHz, distortion in the audible frequency range is entirely eliminated. A neodymium underhung motor design with vented aluminum voice coil former guarantees low energy storage and excellent heat transfer. The soft fabric surround and high viscosity ferrofluid center give the tweeter distinctive linearity. The result is a beautifully detailed and silky smooth high frequency performance with absolutely no distortion induced hard edge.

The X Diamond’s musicality was enhanced by developing a minimalist second order crossover which was then painstakingly upgraded with with a very careful selection of the finest: Teflon hybrid capacitors, inductors, Kubala-Sosna internal wiring, etc. 

To extract maximum performance from the upgraded tweeter and crossover, the cabinet received numerous upgrades. First the crossover was housed in a specially designed, separate carbon fiber chamber providing superior resonance control and isolation characteristics. Additional changes to the cabinet’s inner structure and layer construction were made, and new dampening materials were employed, to further enhance rigidity and lower the loudspeaker’s noise floor.

The Estelon X Diamond is a genuine musical instrument in its own right. One that, when carefully integrated into system and room, is capable of delivering a truly exhilarating listening experience. Frequency response is 22-45,000, nominal impedance 6 ohms, sensitivity 88dB.

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The Estelon X Diamond sets a new standard. It is an amazing feat of engineering prowess that makes for wondrous stereo. Of course, the Estelon X Diamonds get my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, Product of the Year 2012 and Editor's Choice 2013

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