Estelon X A loudspeakersThe XA creates a beautiful musical landscape that perfectly delivers all the emotion in the music.

The Estelon XA is a genuine musical performer in its own right. When carefully integrated into a system and room, it is capable of connecting the listener to the music in the most profound way.

The most noticeable and important technological advancement with the XA, is the design and the materials used in building the speaker cabinet. This is cast using Estelon’s patented proprietary marble-based composite and designed specifically to give the drive units the optimum environment in which to operate. The cabinet is not simply an exercise in aesthetics and is one of the main reasons why the sum of the speaker is far greater than its parts.

The German-made Accuton bass and midrange drivers are highly sophisticated designs with particular attention paid to the titanium voice coil former and the surrounding air gap. They provide maximum freedom from dynamic compression while a special ultra-stiff ceramic dome – valued for its midrange neutrality –  is housed in its own acoustic enclosure. All moving elements of the driver are ventilated for resonance-free response.

The XA has three Accuton ceramic drivers: an 11” bass unit; 7” midrange unit and 1.2” tweeter. The frequency response is 25-28,000Hz, power rating 200 watts, nominal impedance 6 ohms, sensitivity 89dB. The XA is 54” tall, 18” wide, 25” deep and weighs 187 lbs.

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