The New Estelon YB

The new Model YB is an asymmetrical three-way design delivering the finest sound and placing listeners at the heart of the audio landscape.

As with all Estelon models, the cabinets feature a proprietary composite material specially developed to maximize rigidity and eliminate cabinet coloration. Although certainly beautiful, the cabinet shape was carefully designed to minimize vibration and resonance, facilitate in-room placement and optimize performance of the drive units.

An 8-inch woofer features an extremely stiff aluminum cone which results in tremendous bass precision and deep natural bass. A 5.25-inch mid-woofer, known for its sliced paper cone technology where the slices are filled with damping glue, dramatically reduces breakup modes in the diaphragm delivering an accurate and natural sound. A beryllium membrane 1-inch tweeter provides extreme rigidity along with very light weight and high damping. This results in negligible distortion, distinct clarity, and an incredibly fast and dynamic sound.

To seamlessly integrate the drivers, a smartly designed crossover is essential. Through intense measuring and listening tests, Estelon has chosen to use only the best capacitors, resistors, coils and cables to create the cleanest and most natural sound that is the hallmark of all Estelon loudspeakers.

Estelon follows a meticulous hand-crafted approach which includes careful testing and pair matching of drivers and very fine tuning of all the ultra-high quality internal components.

To accentuate the loudspeaker’s beautiful curves and lines, the Model YB is offered in a choice of white gloss, black gloss or black matte finishes. Estelon uses state-of-the-art paints and lacquers from the automotive industry to achieve perfect, mirror-like surfaces. Layer by layer, hand polished and sanded – the painting process of Model YB takes up to 4 weeks to be completed, by highly experienced craftsmen. These automotive paints and lacquers are extremely durable and stable and do not depreciate over time.

Consistent with its much larger Estelon brethren is the huge, open soundstage, capable of a height and width and naturalism with chamber orchestra that was stirring to the emotions. I didn’t know whether to listen to it or ask it for a date.
Most Significant Products - Munich 2016 Show Report, The Absolute Sound


The YB is a three-way design featuring an 8" woofer, 5.25" mid-bass unit and 1" Beryllium tweeter. Frequency response is 30 - 40,000 Hz, power rating 150 watts, nominal impedance 6 ohms, sensitivity 86 dB. Weight is 88 lbs per speaker, dimensions (H x W x D) are 50.6" x 14.4" x 17". Finishes gloss black, gloss white, matte black, standard. An optional champagne finish, pictured above, is also available at extra cost.



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