The VDH HDMI Ultimate is a no-compromise cable delivering the ultimate performance attainable from HDMI.

This cable flawlessly transfers a huge amount of digital data over 50' (15m) distances without the requirement of using signal repeaters. The HDMI Ultimate is also guaranteed to support display modes/ resolutions up to and including 1080p for lengths up to 80' (25m). These distances can then be doubled using VDH's HDMI Repeater. 

Although specifications are set by official HDMI organizations, the cable design, purity of materials and manufacturing techniques can dramatically affect the final performance of an HDMI cable.

The HDMI Ultimate is comprised of extra thick high density silver plated oxygen free copper conductors and low dissipation dielectrics. This results in exceptionally wide bandwidth, very low signal losses and ultra-low jitter ensuring a clear, highly detailed and very stable picture with impeccable sound. The cable features a heavy double outer shield making the cable virtually immune to external interference. Individually screened internal signal groups provide additional shielding and prevent crosstalk.

The HDMI Ultimate is equipped with professional quality metal body HDMI 'Type A' connectors with heavy gold plated contacts and full strain relief. This is an especially important feature. These very high quality metal connectors provide the ultimate termination which prevents the wire from oxidizing at the ends. The Ultimate utilizes a high performance Halogen free Hulliflex jacket which also prevents oxidization along the length of the cable. This tip to tip completely closed system eliminates the harmful effects of cable oxidation thus ensuring your cable continues to perform up to spec for many years.

There's a lot of pressure on Van den Hul's latest HDMI cable. It's called the Ultimate, so anything less than five stars and it'll be a case of the no-so-Ultimate. Thankfully, this HDMI cable lives up to its name. The Ultimate really does impress with its clear, detailed, realistic picture. Even more apparent is the sonic ability of this cable. It sounds controlled and composed. The level of refinement and finesse that it encourages is there for all to hear.

What Hi-Fi, 5 Stars award winner.


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