The Hugo from Chord Electronics offers studio-master-tape sound quality, advanced connectivity and uncompromising file playback capability, all from a palm-sized player.

Hugo is the world's most advanced headphone amp/DAC, offering five digital inputs including A2DP aptX Bluetooth, plus advanced 384kHz PCM and DSD 128 playback for today's high-resolution DXD (Digital eXtreme Definition) music files.

The new Hugo, which can be used as both a portable headphone amp/DAC as well as a reference-level source component in a static system, brings the renowned digital audio expertise of Chord Electronics to serious headphone listening, enabling users to experience a world of super-high-resolution music via their headphones.


  • Plays all file formats including advanced PCM, 384kHz and DSD128, (DXD).
  • Includes Chord's latest award-winning proprietary FPGA state-of-the-art DAC technology.
  • Reference-class amplifier effortlessly drives the most demanding high-end headphones.
  • Ten hours continuous playing time on the included NiCad re-chargeable batteries.
  • Five digital inputs including Apt-X Bluetooth.
  • Two mini-jack headphone outputs and one 1/4" headphone output.
  • RCA outputs so you can also use Hugo’s reference-quality DAC in your home stereo.
  • Completely self-contained; delivers top performance without the need for an external power supply.
  • Advanced digital volume control does not lose bits so you receive absolutely superior sound quality.
  • Built to last; Hugo’s casework is precision-machined from aircraft grade aluminum.

Sounding like no other digital converter Chord's headphone amp is a landmark product.

David Price, HiFi Choice, July 2014

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Hugo features Chord's award-winning DAC technology which can faithfully reproduce a signal all the way down to -140dB! Thanks to its bespoke technology, FPGA circuitry and advanced file-playback capability, Hugo's sonic performance is quite simply second to none regardless of price.

Not only will Hugo effortlessly drive the toughest to drive high-end headphones, but Hugo will play them continuously for approximately nine hours on the included light and efficient NiCad re-chargeable batteries. Later just plug the included wall adapter into the power slot and fully recharge Hugo in about three hours. In addition, Hugo takes no power away from your source device over its USB.

Want to put your smart phone in your pocket and listen to high quality tunes while you're on the go? No problem - Hugo comes standard with some very cleverly designed mobility features that easily let you do just that!

Whether using Mac OS or Windows OS, Chord Electronics' own proprietary driver software is used, removing the limitations of current operating system audio playback. That, and Hugo's advanced reference-grade digital volume control that does not lose bits, ensure you receive an unprecedented level of absolutely superior sound quality.

Hugo has five digital inputs: driverless Micro USB, high definition Micro USB, high-speed Optical TOSLink, RCA Coax and Apt-X Bluetooth. Outputs include: two mini-jack headphone outputs, one 1/4" headphone output, and one set of RCA phono outputs, (with fixed output option), allow reference quality playback through your hi-fi.

Hugo is built to last. The casework is precision-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum, with a bright silver hard anodized finish. Complementing the design is a top-mounted 'porthole' that gives users a useful insight into the internal circuitry, which changes color with the differing incoming sample rates.

Available in silver or black finish.

The Hugo is absolutely stunning. Its functionality and sonic capability absolutely blew me away and this truly is a massive game changer for portable audio and in my opinion HiFi audio. This little box of magic tricks opens up a whole new level of music that I have not experienced before. I guess in a way I wouldn’t have known any better had I not heard the Hugo, but to me this makes music sound as it should – Fun and a joy to listen to.

Phil W, Customer,  March 2014


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