The MC Silver Mk III Balanced is Van den Hul's best interconnect. The Mk III version utilizes VDH's latest technical insights and most sophisticated material and design enhancements.

This interconnect is made with the world's highest grade of matched crystal OFC with a very thick mechanically applied layer of the purest silver. Further adding to its stunning dynamics and vivid clarity, the MC Silver IT Mk III Balanced employs extremely low loss Teflon for internal insulation. This purest form of Teflon is normally only used in the most advanced audio grade capacitors. Available with RCA or XLR connectors.

This flexible cable does a phenomenal job of resolving the last degree of musical detail. Unlike other supposedly high-end cables, the treble is very well extended and totally clean... MC Silver IT Mk III produces totally realistic and palpable tonal rendering... The cable also has a strange ability to make other interconnects sound 'loud' or distorted, presumably by virtue of an extremely clean, neutral balance and high transparency. This lets through both the fine detail that gives each note realism and the energy that enlivens the music overall. Van den Hul's MC Silver IT Mk III is in a class of its own and it delivers the goods.

Jason Kennedy, Hi-Fi Choice, January 2007, Editor's Choice award winner.


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