Spendor A5The new Spendor A5R is an ultra-compact high-performance 2.5 way, floor-standing loudspeaker. The A5R sets new class standards for sound quality, efficiency, ease of drive, dispersion and low frequency phase coherence. The A5R reproduces all types of music with captivating clarity and a natural sense of timing and dynamics.

We believe the Spendor A5R is the most room-friendly ultra-compact floor standing loudspeaker ever created. With its slim elegant proportions, and sound performance which is almost independent of room placement, it is the perfect loudspeaker for any small room.

Because the A5R is efficient and easy to drive it doesn’t place heavy demands on your amplifier. That means you don’t have to spend a fortune on your amplifier to put together a brilliant sound system.

How has it been achieved?

We’ve applied our Spendor D-line technology to create a pair of Spendor drivers which are mechanically and electrically designed to work in perfect harmony in a single sealed acoustic enclosure. Both drivers feature cast magnesium alloy chassis, high efficiency motor systems, optimized electro-dynamic damping, and excellent thermal dissipation for wide dynamic range.

A 6" EP77 polymer coned bass-mid driver handles all the mid-range frequencies and, at modest listening levels, most of the low frequencies, with superb clarity and vanishingly low distortion. As the low frequency content of the music increases an ultra-rigid two part bonded Kevlar composite coned 6" driver begins to handle more of the low frequencies. The low inertia Kevlar cone allows it to react instantly and seamlessly to changes in the music signal – just like the second turbocharger in a modern high performance car engine. That’s how the Spendor A5R is able to deliver a naturally fast engaging sound with substantial low frequency impact and energy from such a compact low-footprint enclosure.

With its unique driver combination the A5R also offers excellent efficiency and very high power handling and it does not require any form of tuned port or line. Consequently The A5R is free from the low frequency phase anomalies and ‘slow’ bass reproduction which add an un-natural element to the sound of all conventionally ported loudspeakers.

High frequencies are handled by a 22mm wide-surround tweeter with a polyamide textile diaphragm. Its acoustic output is phase and time-aligned with the mid-bass driver output to create a wide even listening window. From low seating to standing height (up to 30 degrees above the tweeter axis) the A5R delivers a correctly balanced sound and a vivid sound image.

With precision wound crossover coils, individually calibrated and matched drivers, Spendor dynamic damping of the rigid cabinet and forged steel stabilizer inserts in the cabinet base, details and nuances are reproduced at all listening levels with precision and finesse.

All Spendor loudspeakers are designed and manufactured in the UK.

In a Group Test it’s the all-new Spendors that take the glory. Nothing prepared us for the depth, precision and power of these speakers at low frequencies. Everything coheres into an expertly balanced sound that’s neutral without being boring, dynamic while sounding unforced, and detailed without tearing the flow of the music apart. We can’t praise them enough… these are astoundingly good floorstanders… the most accomplished speakers available at this money.
What HiFi Group Test Winner, A5, February 2009


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