Spendor A6RThe Spendor A6R is a major revision of the highly acclaimed A6. The new Spendor 7” main drive unit features technology developed for the D7 high resolution speaker. This drive unit together with an all new crossover design utilizing upgraded components extends both the low and high frequency range.

The large section linear flow reflex design reduces air velocity and port turbulence giving linear and unrestricted low frequency response. The high quality terminals and short signal path, gold crossover network are combined into a monoblock assembly anchored directly to the cabinet structure.

The ultra-rigid cabinet with Spendor's dynamic damping system gives super-fast response, while high linearity components, silver plated halogen free cables and Spendor's machined stabilizer system all contribute to the class leading performance.

They put in a superb performance across the frequency range, showcasing a surprisingly deep and punchy low end alongside an expressive midrange and a detailed, refined treble. Detail is second to none, there is layer upon layer of subtlety and fine detail... notes have depth and dimension and vocals are conveyed with all the reality and emotion with which they were recorded. An outstanding pair of speakers.
What HiFi Test Group Winner, A6R, February 2014

One of the best mid-priced floorstanders around. A must hear.

Hi-Fi Choice, Recommended 2014 Best of the Year Awards


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