The Mainsserver Hybrid has been designed for uncompromised power distribution to lower power equipment such as source components and pre-amplifiers, while the Mainsstream Hybrid has been designed to deliver clean high current to power amplifiers.


Low power equipment such as source components and pre-amplifiers are generally more sensitive to noise on the power line and benefit highly from clean power. The Mainsserver features a unique embedded powerline noise suppression filter which effectively suppresses both existing types of powerline contamination: differential mode (across the lines) as well as common mode noise (simultaneous on both lines).

These well shielded cables can handle high current while maintaining maximum transparency. Conductors and shield are of the high quality also found in VDH loudspeaker cables. They are extremely rugged and therefore have a very long lifespan.


The Mainsstream has been specially designed to deliver a virtually unlimited stream of low noise mains power to high power components, such as power amplifiers. The Mainsstream features a unique embedded powerline noise suppression filter, very high continuous current capacity, excellent shielding against in and outward radiation of EMI and RF interference, heavy conductors and shielding and extreme ruggedness for very long lifespan.

Noise Suppression

Both Mainsstream and Mainsserver feature carefully designed powerline noise suppression properties. Special Hybrid conductor structure and configuration have been designed to work as an embedded powerline filter. A unique built-in filter effectively suppresses high frequency powerline noise without imposing any current delivery limitations: Unlike conventional powerline filters, These cables do not employ any filtering components in series with its AC current path; Series impedance (reactance) is absent and the cable therefore does not exhibit any current limiting, resonance or sluggish response to current demand effects. A true unlimited stream of clean mains power indeed!


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