Spendor Audio is one of England’s best-loved and most respected loudspeaker manufacturers.  Revered throughout the world, Spendor has its roots in the BBC's sound engineering department − arguably the world’s finest proving ground for high-quality sound reproduction equipment. Over the past 45 years, Spendor has gained an enviable international reputation for class-leading R&D (it makes its own drive units in-house), innovative design and no-compromise engineering. Outstanding musical performance and exceptional value for money are also a big part of the Spendor ethos.

What really separates Spendor from the crowd, apart from its cherished BBC heritage, is its comprehensive facility in Hailsham, Sussex, (England). Spendor is first and foremost an engineering company focused on performance − its loudspeakers and drive units are designed and hand-built in-house and the factory even has its own machine shop where tools to make the parts for the drive units are produced. It’s this level of control over all aspects of design and production that gives Spendor an unrivalled edge over the competition.

While some loudspeakers excel in one area, often to the detriment of another, Spendor loudspeakers are real ‘all-rounders’, capable of delivering the kind of neutrality that music lovers will instantly recognize and appreciate. With their class-leading engineering and in-house manufacturing capabilities, Spendor loudspeakers truly deliver best-in-class performance and value. 

Not content to rest on yesterday’s successes (of which there are many), today Spendor continues to push the envelope of loudspeaker design and is moving forward worldwide with innovative ideas and unique technologies. Making speakers from scratch, they are far removed from those speaker companies who are content with third-party drive units stuffed into a lifeless cabinet; Spendor is the real deal.

Spendor speakers simply must be heard. Contact Bluebird Music to find your closest authorized dealer. Discover Spendor’s class-leading sound with us today.


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