Few audio companies have enjoyed the worldwide success and earned the reputation for excellence that Van den Hul has. Van den Hul is one of the most respected names in high end audio.

Based in the Netherlands, Van den Hul is a world leader in terms of innovation, engineering, manufacturing, quality, performance and value. Van den Hul is one of the very few companies which actually owns patents for it's proprietary technologies. Proof of their market leadership is demonstrated by the fact that Van den Hul is currently distributed in 70 different countries worldwide.

Van den Hul Technology

Van den Hul Technology driven company always searching for the better way and never taking the 'easy road'. As a result of many years of extensive research and development Van den Hul now has a broad range of unique, high quality products and owns numerous patents for these innovative designs.

Some of Van den Hul's proprietary technologies include Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC), Hulliflex®, production of the world's first completely non-metal cable, Fusion technology, and the VDH Type 1 stylus. In addition, with years of experience, Van den Hul has perfected the art of wire manufacture. By investing in the best equipment for their European plants and by strictly controlling the manufacturing process, Van den Hul has been able to assure the superior quality of their products.

Below is a brief description of key VDH technologies. To download a complete discussion click on the Interconnect and Loudspeaker Cables brochure icon.

Linear Structured Carbon® (LSC)

LSC is an uninterrupted chain of carbon atoms perfectly aligned in individually insulated fibers. The LSC is applied as a coating over the conducting wire and improves signal transmission by performing electrical bridging on a micro-scale and thus converting the external magnetic field close to the conductors into an electrical signal again. The resulting sound is incredibly pure, clean and very three dimensional with extremely high resolution. VDH is the exclusive worldwide owner of the patent on LSC.


In many cables plasticizers in the outer jacket break down over time, usually in only about six months. This allows air and chemical impurities in the atmosphere to enter the cable, which causes the conductors to oxidize resulting in an unpleasant and harsh sound. This problem is compounded as the cable is bent. Therefore the cable jacket needs to be flexible enough to maintain a closed system even while being subjected to the stresses of bending. Van den Hul recognized that this internal oxidation was a common problem ruining the performance of high quality audio cables and decided to find a solution.

Thus Hulliflex was developed. Hulliflex is a unique material used in the outer jackets of VDH interconnects and speaker cables and in some cases as an internal insulator as well. Hulliflex is an inert material which provides a 100% completely closed environment for the cable thus protecting your valuable investment. As a halogen-free material Hulliflex is also environmentally friendly. VDH is the exclusive worldwide owner of the patent on Hulliflex.

Manufacturing Process

In their pursuit of making the best cables possible, Van den Hul adheres to four major design principles. First, materials must be of very high purity. Impurities lead to oxidation which inhibits electron flow and leads to a harsh sound. Secondly, VDH believes it is extremely important to make wire slowly. Slower drawn wire leads to a more consistent structure with better conductivity. VDH believes a slow drawn copper wire will sound better than a hurried silver wire.

Next, during the manufacturing process the wire must be subjected to the absolute minimum of bending. Thus at Van den Hul plants the hot drawn wire is rolled onto massive oversize drums to preserve its structure. The fresh drawn wire should be insulated as quickly as possible after drawing to keep environmental pollutants off the wire. It is impossible to keep virtually all impurities off the wire but the LSC coating can compensate for the air or impurities that do get into the cable during production.

Van den Hul also has developed specialized techniques for applying silver on copper wire. VDH uses a thick mechanically applied coating of high purity silver coating. (VDH's unique Fusion technology is explained in the Interconnects section of this web site.)

Naturally it costs a lot more to manage and equip a factory to make wire so meticulously, but fortunately Van den Hul can amortize those costs over literally thousands of miles of wire sold in 70 countries around the world.


Through their superior manufacturing techniques, generous use of silver materials and unique LSC and Hulliflex technologies, Van den Hul cables are designed to deliver an outstanding audio performance for many years. Whereas other cables can experience sonic degradation after a relatively short time, Van den Hul cables will literally last a lifetime and they will sound as good in five years as they did they day you bought them.

Environmentally Friendly

All VDH products are very environmentally friendly. VDH cables are Halogen free and carry Europe’s prestigious Green Care certification. All packaging is environmentally friendly as well.


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